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August 26 - September 8, 2019


Despite record investment that Uganda has put into health care programs over the past five years, Uganda's healthcare performance is ranked 186th out of 191 nations  by the World Health Organization. Uganda is now outperforming Africa compare to other African countries. Progress in public health is inevitably slow, the biggest challenge for Uganda is inadequate resources, access and delivery.

Life expectancy is among the lowest in the world. One in every 200 births ends the mother's life. Around 1 million people are living with HIV. Although malaria accounts for 14% of all deaths, less than 10% of children under five are sleeping under insecticide-treated nets. Project Helping Hands targets vulnerable and extremely poor communities by providing intervention and opportunities for sustainable development.

PHH has brought medical volunteers to provide health care and education to Kawempe for the last 8 years. Please volunteer and join our team or donate to our team donation page to support our work in rural Uganda

Click here to learn more about Uganda region (WHO) 

Team Leadership

Team Leader: Lesa-Beth Titus

Lesa-Beth has been a team lead for PHH for more than four years. Her expertise in the area is unmatched as she has led multiple teams in the Kampala region. She focuses in the area by providing suitability to our health care programs and bringing change to these communities. 

Video Team Leader Lesa-Beth


Host Partner: Miracle Centre Kawempe / Robert Nabulere



Trip Details.

The team will depart mainland on August 26 arriving at Entebbe Airport on August 27. Once the trip is finalized the team will leave Entebbe on September 8th arriving home on September 9th.

Once the Team arrives at Entebbe will be transported to the Tick Hotel in Kampala which serves as the lodging for the Kawempe clinics. Each location will have a "Home Base" for housing where the team travels out and back each day.

The first few days of the trip will be spent in Kawempe providing health care and health education. This is the same location where PHH has been working since the first Uganda team in January of 2011. For the remainder of the trip, the team will move to the rural community of Nangaiza which is located between Pallisa and Mbale. The final day the team is transported back to Kampala and then Entebbe for their flights home.

There will be an optional trip extension (safari) offered to team members.

The safari will visit national parks and include many wildlife viewing opportunities.  More details on this optional activity will be posted in the website once the final team selection has been made.

Please click in the link below to see a "A Day in the Life of PHH Team Uganda" by our Uganda January Team Leader, Jean Proehl

Trip Logistics

Amount of in-country travel: Minimal. All trips are in vans or buses. The trip from the airport to the hotel is approximately 60 minutes. The daily trips in Kampala are approximately ten minutes from the hotel to the clinic site. The travel from Kampala to the rural location (Nangaiza) is approximately 4 hours. The trip from the hotel to the clinic in Nangaiza is approximately 30 minutes over rough roads.

Sleeping arrangements: Team members will stay in hotels in Kampala and Pallisa. Most team members will share a room.

Running water/electricity: Running water and electricity is available at the hotels, but will not be available at the clinic sites. The electricity and running water in Nangaiza may be intermittent.

Internet/Mobile:  Limited Internet service is available at the hotel in Kampala: there is no access to the Internet in Nangaiza.  Mobile phone service is available throughout the country.

Physical requirements: The physical activity level for this team is rated at Moderate. Team members should be able to tolerate hot and humid weather. (temperatures average between 85 & 95 degrees F) Team members may be asked to assist in lifting and carrying baggage and medical supplies. Team members should be in fair to good physical condition.

Team Size:  18 (Team status)
Application Due Date: June 10, 2019

All teams require a minimum donation. Please click here for full financial and donation information as well as pictures taken on past teams 


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