PHILIPPINES - Ilagan and Manilla Communities

April 11 -  April 26, 2019


Healthcare professionals in the Philippines operating in public facilities suffer due to a lack of manpower and inferior supplies. We at PHH help fill this need by bringing medical volunteers for clinical care and health education in rural areas. Please volunteer to join our all-inclusive deployment or make a donation on our team donation page. Our last team in 2017 was able to treat 1800 patients and hold 37 educational seminars in just two weeks of work. We are proud of the work done in 2017 in the region and are excited for you to help us build upon this success.

The Philippines suffers from a history of unequal access to healthcare, resulting in the majority of the country's population haveing limited to no access. 70% of the country's government healthcare workers are employed by expensive private institutions, resulting in a huge barrier of entry for the general public, particularly in rural areas such as Ilagan. This has resulted in the Philippines population as a whole having significantly high instances of Tuberculosis, Dengue, Malaria, HIV/AIDS, micronutrient deficits, obesity, and hearth disease.

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Team Leadership

Team Leader: Anne-Marie Summerhays

If you have any questions about this team, please feel free to contact her.


In-Country Host: Will Cabanilla


Trip Details

The team will provide Health Care Clinics at community centers in barangays (villages/communities) around the vicinity of Ilagan.  We attempt to involve local medical providers when possible.  We also organize educational sessions for our volunteers at a hospital site for regional medical providers.

If possible we will take a break in the middle of the mission to travel to central Luzon to experience the incredible Ifagao ancient rice terraces.

The team will arrive at the Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport in the evening and stay the night at a local hotel for a quick rest. In the morning we take a local flight on to Tuguegarao or Cauayan, cities within an hour or two of Ilagan. Upon arrival at the local airport we will be met by our hosts and transported by bus to Ilagan.

Breakfast and dinner is at the hotel. Lunches are at our clinic sites and are usually provided by the host community.  Food is plentiful and traditional.  A highlight of the hotel location is the opportunity to take early morning walks in the community and interact with local residents who are delightful and friendly.

Our clinics will be held at a variety of locations including a district hospital and several schools. Expect for our group to see 200- 400 patients each day though we will emphasize that we all take our time with individuals. 

After the days excursion and a traditional Dinner the team will return to Ilagan and complete their final clinics.

Trip Logistics

  • Physical requirements: Team members will be exposed to heat and high humidity during the day. Volunteers are expected to help with carrying of supplies each day from the hotel..
  • Amount of in-country travel: Moderate -including a trip from the airport to the hotel (approximately a one to two hour drive) and daily trips of twenty to 50 minutes from the compound to the clinic site.
  • Sleeping arrangements: The team will be staying at a local hotel in the heart of the old downtown area. Team members will stay in shared rooms with private bathrooms in a basic hotel with air conditioning. There is no hot water.
  • Running water/electricity: Running water and electricity is available at the hotel though there are occasional power interruptions. Water and Electricity will be available at the clinics as well and we attempt to have fans to help with the high temperatures.

Skill Requirements

The primary focus for this team is to provide general health care and health education services. We seek licensed health care professionals including but not limited to the following!

  • Physicians
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Physician Assistants
  • Dentists
  • Dental Hygienists
  • Dental Assistants
  • RN's
  • EMS Personnel
  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists

We also welcome students, translators and non-medical volunteers to participate in our deployment.

Team Size:  18 (Team status)
Application Due Date by January 15, 2019

All teams require a minimum donation: Please click here for full financial and donation information. Visit our gallery photos 

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