Trip Details

The team will depart mainland on October 5th arriving at Kathmandu a day after. Once the trip is finalized the team will leave Kathmandu on October 18th arriving home on the same date of departure (because the time zone difference).

After our arrival in Nepal the team will have one day to adapt to the time/difference and prepare for teaching in one of the schools of nursing on the following day. 

In the third day the team will fly out to the Region of  South Far West Nepal where will provide medical healthcare and preventive education for the next 9 days in the regions of Kailali and Kohalpur (close to the indian border).  Our clinics will be held at a variety of locations in the region. Expect for our group to see 200- 400 patients each day though we will emphasize that we all take our time with individuals.

The team will have the opportunity  one day free for sightseeing in Far west Nepal. After the clinics the team will return to KTM and prepare to returning home.

There will be an optional 3 day/2 night extension trip offered to team members in the city of Kathmandu after the trip is finished.  Available more details on this optional activity soon.


Amount of in Country travel:  Team members will travel by air from KTM to Far West Nepal and then all transportation from near communities will be by vans. Transportation from the place where the team will be staying to the location where medical clinics will be held  will usually take 30-45 minutes. Sometimes it will be a 10-15 minute walk,

Sleeping arrangements:  team will be staying at a hotel while in KTM and a one base guesthouse in Far West Nepal. Simple beds based on shared rooms.

Running water/electricity:  In some places it will be available. Power is 220 volt when you can get it, frequent power outages daily. Some clinic locations may not have electricity or running water but the team will carry sufficient water for personal and clinic purposes.  

Physical Requirements:  You should be in moderate to good physical condition for this trip. You will need to assist with moving baggage (medical/education supplies) on and off of transport vehicles and into education/clinic facilities.

Climate/Altitude: Most of the team members will be exposed to moderate weather during the day. Kohalpur has a subtropical weather. 

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