Trip Details

The team will depart mainland on October 12th arriving at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi a day after in the late evening. Once the trip is finalized the team will leave Nairobi on October 27th  arriving home on the same date of departure (because the time zone difference).

After our arrival in Nairobi the team will spend the first night in Nairobi. The following morning the team will take the Vans be transported into the community of Oyugis which this will serve as your home base for the majority of your time in Kenya.

The team will  have a daily walk from the hotel in Oyugis each day out and back to the clinic site at "Hope Station" , about a 2.7 mile walk each direction. 

The team will do clinics for the next 9 days providing healthcare to the orphans and education to the community of Kizumu, including a local school and possibly an orphanage.    

By the end of the trip the team will have the opportunity of two days for sightseeing. The team will be transported to the great rift valley and meet the "Masai Mara National animal Reserve " also known by the locals as The Mara, is a large animal reserve in Narok County. People will experience a Safari for 2 days. Once this activity the team will return to Nairobi and prepare to returning home the following day.


Amount of in Country travel:  The team will be staying at the same Hotel in the town during the duration of the trip. The team will walk approximately 2.7 miles to the clinic site . You must be in good condition to do this daily walk.

Sleeping arrangements:  Team members will stay at a hotel in Oyugis where bedding is supplied.

Running water/electricity:  Running water and electricity will be available but may be intermittent at times. Internet service is possible but not guaranteed. AC will not be available.

Physical Requirements:   This trip includes a considerable physical activity.  Team members may be asked to assist in lifting heavy luggage and must walk to and from the clinic site each day (sometimes in rainy/muddy conditions)

Climate/Altitude: Team members should be able to tolerate hot and humid weather. (temperatures average between 85 & 95 degrees)

If you have questions contact:

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