HAITI - Carrefour, Port Au Prince and Port Salut Regions

November 5 - November 18, 2019



According to the United Nations World 80 percent of Haiti’s population lives below the poverty line. Haiti reports some of the world’s worst health indicators, which continue to inhibit the country’s development. While Haiti has struggled with poor health outcomes for generations, the health system was further debilitated by the 2010 earthquake, which demolished several health centers. Only a few months later, Haiti’s health care network was further strained by the country’s first cholera outbreak in a century. In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, significant challenges remain to increase access to and utilization of improved water and sanitation services that are key to improving health and well-being. As of today the problem with healthcare in Haiti is that there is no system, no structure, no plan at least, not one that has been implemented yet.

PHH bring volunteers to this region with the objective to strengthen and improve health outcomes for people who are still in desperate need for assistance. Through health assessment, primary care and preventive education we strive to reduce the morbidity in the populations we serve.

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Team Leadership : Jennifer Wisniweski


Haitian Partner Organization: 



  • The primary focus for this team is to provide general health care and health education services. We seek licensed health care professionals including but not limited.


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