We want to thank all of our volunteers, donors, and PHH family for 25 years of helping those in need around the globe. Our mission statement speaks on a duty to provide sustainable education and health practices to members of developing countries. Although this goal is never finished, we are extremely proud of the work our PHH family has been able to accomplish in this effort. Thanks to you, we’ve been able to send hundreds of teams to over 20 countries, delivering healthcare to hundreds of thousands of patients in underserved areas.


While our journey may be coming to an end, the work and generosity displayed by you has changed countless lives in areas they need it most. PHH at its core is a group of medical professional traveling to unfamiliar lands and doing what they do best, providing care. We hope this desire to share your skills around the globe is something you carry forward in your lives. More than anything, we want to say thank you and congratulations!


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