May 2 -  May 15, 2019

Trip Code:  BO0519

Team Size:  18 (Team Status)

Acceptance Notification:  Accepting Applications

Team Leadership: Trisha McKeon

Note: Applying for a team does not guarantee acceptance. All applicants will be notified of the status of their application in the estimated date notification.


The team will depart mainland on May 2nd arriving at El Alto Airport the next day.   Once the trip is finalized the team will leave La Paz on May 18th arriving home the same day.

Project Helping Hands has been sending teams to the Amazon Rainforest and Northern Region of Bolivia for almost 23 years. The public health system is extremely limited in this area making life extremely difficult for those who live in communities along the riverbanks. Access to basic health care is almost nonexistent due to their isolated condition.

Trip Details

PHH volunteers will provide health care and teach community health services during 8 days of clinics. The team will work in areas we have gone to in the past as well as new areas due to the high demand for healthcare among the population.

Upon arrival at El Alto international airport (elev. 13,325 ft) the team will be transported to La Paz  for the first night. The next day the team will start their journey with an optional mountain bike trip down Bolivia's famous "Death Road".  For those not interested in mountain biking down, you will meet the rest of the team at the community of Yolosa. The team will have lunch and the opportunity to freshen up before continuing on an 8 hour bus drive to the first clinic site.

The team will be providing clinics in the various communities travelling by road and canoes along the river. The team will work their way down the river from village to village providing health care to village residents.

In the middle of the trip the team will have the opportunity to visit some waterfalls and by the end of the trip the team will visit "Las Pampas de Yacuma" where they will encounter an abundance of wildlife and beautiful scenery. 

There will be an optional trip "Extension" to the City Ruins of Machu Picchu, Cusco - Peru.  Please visit our website to participate into this optional extension trip.

Skill Requirements

The primary focus for this team is to provide general health care and health education services. We seek licensed health care professionals including but not limited to the following.


  • Physician
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Physician Assistant
  • Dentists
  • RN's
  • EMS Personnel
  • Student Nurses
  • Translators (Spanish/English)
  • Non-Medical Support Personnel

We welcome both medical and non-medical volunteers with a spirit of adventure and determination to partake in a culturally sensitive growth opportunity while helping others in need of our services.  Above all you must be willing to work as a team for the common goal of our mission.

Trip Rating

This trip require a level of fitness to be able to participate in the activities as describe:

  • Amount of in-country travel:  Heavy travel:  This team will spend a fair amount of time on unimproved roads and primarily in dugout log/plank riverboats traveling from village to village.
  • Sleeping arrangements:  Accommodations will vary throughout this trip ranging from sleeping in a hostel/schools to sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags in tents (self provided) on a river bar or in a jungle village.
  • Running water/electricity:  Will vary depending on the community.  Some locations will have limited power and it will be necessary to carry and/or treat all team drinking water. There may be at times several days where you will not have access to showers.  There is always the option of bathing in the river or a tributary stream.
  • Physical Requirements:  Team members need to be in average or better physical condition.  This is in part a high altitude trip (arrival and departure location El Alto International Airport La Paz, Bolivia 13,325 ft.)
  • Climate:  The weather should be mostly dry with the possibility of an occasional rain shower/thunder storm.  Daytime temperatures are mild in the 80's.
  • Altitude: You will only be in high altitude locations on the first and last day of this trip.  The majority of time you will be at an elevation of around 2,500's

Minimum Donation Amount:  To be confirmed

Provided by Project Helping Hands

  • Round trip Domestic Airfare (from a major USA airport except Alaska or Hawaii, does not include regional airports)
  • Round trip International Airfare (From USA departure point to destination country)
  • All in-country air and ground transportation (All transportation while in our host country)
  • All applicable VISA fees
  • Airport departure taxes
  • Travel Insurance for medical emergency and evacuation
  • Team Satellite tracking service in case of emergency evacuations
  • All meals and drinking water while in our host country (does not provide for specialized diets such a vegetarian, vegan, gluten free)
  • Project Helping Hands team deployment package (shirt, name tag, luggage tag, trip of purpose letter)
  • Transportation and any fees associated with PHH sanctioned team activities.
  • All Logging while in host country (La Paz and communities)
  • Interpreters support 24/7 traveling with the team
  • Cultural and Adventure Activities during our free time like mountain bike in the dead road, city tour, etc.

Not Provided by Project Helping Hands

  • Airline baggage fees 
  • Meals or lodging in the USA due to a forced layover
  • Passport Fees
  • Fees associated with vaccinations (yellow fever prophylaxis)
  • Personal Gear
  • Personal choice food or snacks either home or acquired within destination country
  • Any costs  incurred outside of Bolivia


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