La Paz & Uyuni Education Seminnars

July 29 - August 7, 2017


Project Helping Hands has been providing education and training seminars to the physicians, nurses, medics over the years. In 2017 we are returning to Bolivia to provide disaster management, trauma courses, pediatric and neonatal resuscitation courses.

The courses will be presented in the cities of La Paz and Uyuni-Potosi region.

Our team leader, Pat Clutter RN. will once again be managing this series of courses and selected professional instructors.

Skill Requirements

The primary focus for this team is to provide hands on Education Courses.  We seek instructors to develop a Disaster Program, Trauma Course and pediatric/neonatal/obstetrical courses. As well bilingual English/Spanish with a knowledge in medical terminology and capable for a simultaneous bilingual English/Spanish translator with knowledge of medical terminology and ability to translate simultaneously as lectures are presented.

  • RN's
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Physician Assistants
  • Physicians
  • EMS Personnel
  • Non-Medical Support Personnel -Interpreters

We welcome both medical and non-medical volunteers (to work as interpreters) with a spirit of adventure and determination to partake in a culturally sensitive growth opportunity while helping others in need of our knowledge.  Above all you must be willing to work as a team for the common goal of our mission!

Trip Details

The team will arrive at the city of El Alto, Bolivia and will be transported to a colonial hotel constructed in the century XVII. "La Casona" is in the historic center of La Paz where the team will stay for three days conducting Education Symposium. Seminars which will occur simultaneously in different locations.  In the middle of the week the team will be transported to the city of Oruro where they will take the "Trans Andino Railroad" into the city of Uyuni. After a late night arrival the team will be transported to a Hotel constructed entirely of salt.  The team will stay for three days working and providing educational seminars involving the health professionals of the region.

Near the end of the trip the team will have the opportunity to do a one day visit to the Salt Flats regions, Colchani and Fish Island and then take the train back to La Paz.

On the final day, the team will have a few hours to explore La Paz after a team evaluation meeting. Late night the team will be transported to the airport for their flights home.

Trip Rating

This trip requires a level of fitness to be able to participate in the activities as described

  • Amount of in-country travel:  The team will spend the first four days in the city of La Paz at the same hotel. Then on the fourth day the team will be transported by bus to the city of Oruro  to connect to a train to Potosi where the team will spend the last four days before returning to La Paz.
  • Sleeping arrangements: Team members will stay in hotels during the whole duration of the trip with internet service available. Team members will be sharing rooms. For more information visit: Hotel in La Paz, Hotel in Uyuni/Salt Flats
  • Running water/electricity: Running water and electricity will be available
  • Physical requirements: Team members should be able to tolerate the weather and high altitude. Every member is responsible to take the necessary precautions for these conditions. La Paz lies at 12.500 feet. You will spend three to four days in each location. Climate conditions are moderate in La Paz characterized by essentially constant daily high temperatures, with daily highs around 55°F exceeding 59°F or dropping below 50°F. The Uyuni/Salt Flats region is at 12, 319 ft. with an average temperature between 9 to 55 F. During August temperatures can easily drop below 32 F, especially during mornings and nights.
  • Transportation: When traveling to Uyuni, the team will take a bus from the city of La Paz to the city of Oruro (3 ½ hours distance from La Paz) where the team will take a train to Uyuni, Potosi. After 6 hours by train the team will arrive early in the morning at approximately 12:30 to 1 AM.

Provided by Project Helping Hands

  • Round trip Domestic Airfare (from a major airport, does not include regional airports)
  • Round trip International Airfare (From USA departure point to destination country and return)
  • All in-country air and ground transportation (All transportation in La Paz and from Uyuni)
  • All applicable VISA fees
  • Airport departure taxes
  • International Travel Insurance (Insurance does not include trip cancellation)
  • All meals included (does not provide for specialized diets such a vegetarian, vegan, gluten free)
  • Housing while in our host country
  • Project Helping Hands team deployment package (shirt, name tag, luggage tag, trip of intention and invitation letter)
  • Transportation, meals and any fees associated with the one day sightseeing to the Salt Flats activity on the teams day off 

Not provided by PHH

  • Airline baggage fees 
  • Meals or lodging in the USA due to a forced layover
  • Passport Fees
  • Fees associated with vaccinations
  • Personal Gear
  • Personal choice food or snacks either home or acquired within destination country
  • Personal drinking water (We recommend that you maintain an adequate supply of water).  
  • Your personal choice activities on your free afternoon in La Paz. 
  • Trip Cancellation Insurance (We recommend that you purchase your own trip cancellation insurance)
  • Transfers to the Hotel- Airport

Trip Code:  BO0717
Team Size:  12
Application Due Date:  April 30, 2017
Acceptance Notification: May 7, 2017
Team Leadership: Pat Clutter
Minimum Donation amount: $3,000

Note: Applying for a team does not guarantee acceptance. All applicants will be notified of the status of their application in the estimated date notification.

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