PHH Awareness & Giving Day

Saturday April 7, 2018

Project Helping Hands Awareness & Giving Day is Saturday April 7. Help us create awareness and raise money to further the PHH mission by reaching out to your personal network of friends, family, colleagues and business contacts. All donations made to your fundraising page for this appeal will count towards the minimum donation on your next trip if signed up by April 7, 2019.

Start raising awareness and collecting donations now by creating a fundraising page and then sharing it with your contacts via email and social media.

Create a personal fundraising page

It’s easy to create your own personal fundraising page. Click here to get started!

Share the page with your personal contacts

One of the easiest ways to connect with a larger group of contacts is to use email and social media. To help, we’ve drafted a donation request email template for you to use. Just copy, paste and fill in the blanks with your personal information. Feel free to edit/personalize it as much as you want. Don’t forget to include the link to your fundraising page.


Sample email


As you may know, I volunteer with Project Helping Hands, a non-affiliated, not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing sustainable healthcare and education programs to people in developing countries. Over the past 20 years PHH volunteers like myself have:

  • Treated and provided preventive health education for more than 200,000 patients.
  • Provided health education and training for thousands of local health care providers.
  • Collected and distributed medical and pharmaceutical supplies valued at more than $10 million.

Today I am reaching out to ask for your financial support to help further the PHH mission.  April 7, 2018 is PHH Awareness and Giving Day, and we need your help to raise money to support our efforts. Your tax-deductible donations help fund trip expenses, trip safety, communications among our volunteers and donors, administrative functions, daily operations and identification of new volunteer opportunities.

To learn more and donate, please visit my fundraising page at: [INSERT YOUR PAGE LINK HERE].

Thank you for your support.




Post on Facebook

Use your Every Day Hero personal fundraising page to share PHH Awareness and Giving Day with your social network. Here is a sample message you can post.


April 7, 2018 is Project Helping Hands Awareness & Giving Day. I travel with PHH to places such as [INSERT LOCATION(s)] to provide medical care to people who do not have regular access. Learn more about our work and make a donation by visiting my fundraising page at: [INSERT YOUR PAGE LINK HERE].

Remember to include a photo of yourself participating in a PHH mission in your Facebook post.


Tip: Send email and post a few times during the fundraising appeal. We know from experience that it sometimes takes a couple of reminders before a donation is completed.

 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PHH is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) charity. Donations are utilized for humanitarian purposes with needy people, primarily, though not exclusively, with the involvement in sending medical mission teams to developing countries.

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